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Chris Williamson is an advisor to growth stage businesses on governance, high performing teams and investor relations. He is the founder of APAC marketing agency Tower Brands and co-founder of the Chinese education and training companies 非语言 (Fēi Yǔyán) and 全沟通 (Quán Gōutōng). Chris is also a non-executive director of a Sydney based financial services company and president of a non-profit association.

Chris is a Communications Trainer including Non-Verbal Communications and is passionate about the importance of communication and relationships in the success of individuals and companies.

As an invited speaker and panelist at events across Asia and North America, Chris speaks on various topics including communication, leadership and new technologies.


Recent Presentations, Panels and Interviews

Obstacles to Real World Adoption

Held in Bangkok, Thailand, the 250 person event discussed obstacles to mass adoption of new financial instruments and examples of businesses that are succeeding in the space. Sponsored by Asian Blockchain Review, Bitfish and Bitcoin Addict.

NFTs, Digital Collectibles and Ecomi

An interview with Asia Blockchain Review in Bangkok discussing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), their use in digital collectibles, and the Ecomi Collect company using premium licensed collectibles and the blockchain to reach the mass market.

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